Revelation Message Bible College

is designed to equip the student to minister either as a Pastor or help support the Pastoral staff within the Church.  This program specifically equips students to minister to the body of Christ and deals with Church growth and development as well as community outreach. 

Religious Education
is designed to equip the student to Minister to and train the next generation of believers.  This program specifically teaches how to run and lead effective Children’s Church programs that are so needed in this day and hour. 

is designed to equip the student with an in-depth study of Biblical doctrines and is the study of Christian belief and practice, this is based upon the texts of the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Worship Leadership
is designed to equip the student to minister as an effective Praise and Worship Leader. This program focuses on the development and practice of worship and equips the student to be knowledgeable and capable of leading others in to the presence of God, while honoring the position of the Pastor.

Degrees Offered

Biblical Studies 

is designed to give the student a strong foundation and deeper understanding of Biblical Truths.

Christian Business
is designed to equip the student to not only excel in the work force but Minister the Gospel through and in the marketplace. 

Christian Counseling
is designed to equip the student to minister as a Biblical Counselor.  This program specifically equips students to minister counseling either to individuals or within groups. 

Christian Education  
is designed to equip the student to lead,manage, and teach in the classroom environment.  This program is geared for those wanting to be teachers in a Christian based school program.

is designed to equip the student to be the voice and feet of the Gospel by going into all the world and proclaiming the Good News, to actively reach out to a lost and dying world. 

Revelation Message Christian Institute
If you did not finish high school but would like to continue your education, or you are still in High School and would like to take part in Dual Enrollment, or you would like to participate in a Non-degree Christian Worker’s Certificate or Christian Ministry Diploma, ask us about

Revelation Message Christian Institute.
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Revelation Message Bible College offers the following degree programs. Graduate courses are offered through Jacksonville Theological Seminary. For more information visit

Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth

- Timothy 2:15

Associate Degree Programs
✔ ​Associate of Biblical Studies
✔ Associate of Ministry

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Bachelor Degree Programs

​​​✔ Bachelor of Biblical Studies
​✔ Bachelor of Evangelism
✔ ​Bachelor of Ministry

✔ ​Bachelor of Theology

✔ Bachelor of Worship Leadership
✔ ​Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
✔ ​Bachelor of Arts in Christian Business
✔ ​Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling
✔ ​Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education
✔ ​Bachelor of Arts in Evangelism
✔ ​Bachelor of Arts in Ministry
✔ ​Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education

✔ Bachelor of Arts in Worship Leadership 
✔ ​Bachelor of Ministry in Christian Business
✔ ​Bachelor of Ministry in Christian Counseling
✔ ​Bachelor of Ministry in Christian Education
✔ ​Bachelor of Ministry in Religious Education