Order a Wallet-Sized Copy of Your Degree

Benefits of Having a Wallet-Sized Copy of Your Degree:

  • Official Identification as a Graduate
  • The Ability to Carry Your Credentials Wherever You Go!​


  • You must be a graduate of Revelation Message Bible College or Revelation Message Christian Institute (Any Year).
  • A Scanned Copy of Your Signature (can be a fax, scan, or photograph)
  • $15.00 fee.

All Requests for Degree Cards must be received with fees attached.  Upon verification of all course requirements and financial obligations being paid, degree cards will be mailed to designated location requested within five to seven (5-7) working days.

A signature is required for us to process this request. Please scan your signature or take a photo of your signature with your smart phone and attach to this form or email it to us.  

After filling out the form and clicking submit you will be taken to a payment page to complete your order