Below is a collection of testimonials from Jacksonville Theological Seminary Alumni.  These Alumni have answered the call and submitted themselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  We encourage you to read their experiences as they have studied and shone themselves approved by God as laborers that need not be ashamed!

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Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

- 2nd Timothy 2:15



Dr. Dwayne C. Perry

Recently, the Lord has allowed me to go to Kenya and teach to leaders in the body of Christ. I now realize the Holy Spirit and Jacksonville Theological Seminary have prepared me academically to lead others through the Word of God. I am able to now see the importance of advanced training in the Word of God that shapes the lives of all of us. It is awesome to know that where you studied is credible and respected among other religious institutions. As a Pastor who is continuing to learn and develop I would recommend JTS to anyone seeking Biblical training for themselves and leaders in their church!


Dr. James E. Monahan

Dear Dr. Vick,

It has been a pleasure studying the Word of God. Thank you for all your help while studying my coursework. JTS has been one of my life's most precious experiences. Without the courses I have taken I would not have studied the Word of God as I should have. I recently took a new job as Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney in the county I reside in. I believe the education I have received at JTS helps me deal with all the people in the legal system I come in contact with. Several judges I work with are Christian men and women who admire the education goals I set for myself. Thank you again.

With best regards,

Dr. James E. Monahan, Esq.


Dr. Verna W. Michel

God knows what is best for me and again He has shown me another aspect of His plan. Since joining RMBC/JTS family, I have become quite aware of who God has created me to be. Thanks to Dr. Harold Vick, Sr for following the leading of the Holy Spirit and introducing the foundational course to us..."The Gifts and The Calling of God." This course is a preface to understanding God's plan for me. The mentors are awesome and always just a phone call away. Since JTS, I have founded the organization "I Am Christian Counseling Service", providing temperament analysis and therapy for individuals, groups and employers, as well as marriage and family therapy. There is no limit to what God can do! More about this connection can be found at: Thank you JTS


Dr. Gwendolyn L. Proctor

My name is Gwendolyn L. Proctor. I am an Overseer with Prayerhouse Ministries in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have used my Doctors Degree in Theology to be an instrument in God's Hand. To promote the ministry of God by sharing the Word of God in training and pastoring the flock as a faithful servant. My Degree afforded me Christian tools not ordinarily applied to ministry Because of the dedicated service of Jacksonville Theological Seminary and Dr. Harold Vick. He actually visited me in my home during one of his travels to Virginia Beach. He didn't stop at the living room, he walked straight through to the kitchen. My husband and I are the Leaders of PEACEFUL HOLINESS CHURCH, INC. We have been in ministry together for 20 years thanks to these degrees. This seminary education was an acorn that grew into an continually-growing oak tree. To God Be The Glory


Dr. Doris McKinney Jones

My degree has allowed me to do what I love and what I'm called to do. After receiving my doctorate degree as a Christian Counselor and receiving my license from the National Christian Counselors Association, I was able to open my private practice. I do speaking engagements and Spiritual trainings all over the city of Midland. I also speak in schools, juvenile detentions centers, churches, and women's groups. With a wonderful support team, I have written 5 new programs for a pregnancy resource center and teach a weekly Spiritual Prenatal class for moms and dads. God continues to open many doors of opportunities for me and I am extremely thankful to Him and Jacksonville Theological Seminary.


Mike Lehew - Th.D.-Jacksonville Theological Seminary

I was looking prayerfully for a school to further my educational goals in ministry. I wanted a quality school that had a good distance education program so I could stay close to my ministry and not have to leave town for classes, seminars, etc. I looked at several good schools but felt led by the Holy Spirit to look closely at JTS. After discussing the school, it's courses of study, and what their whole purpose for being in existence was all about, there was no question, JTS was where I was supposed to be. I have degrees from state universities and the JTS program was equaling as challenging and much more fulfilling. I recommend it to anyone seeking to enrich their life through a study of God's word, especially to those already in ministry.


Dr. Henry J. Holland

It is with tribute and esteem that I take this opportunity to recommend JTS to those who are busy and would like to continue their education. Being in ministry for over thirty years and a corporate executive eighteen of those years; my schedule was full. While traveling internationally and teaching full time at a Bible College, there was an increasing desire to deepen my well with knowledge. JTS offered the ability to further my education with "at home studies" that met my needs and schedule. Here I am, a pastor, educator, a Dean at a Bible school, and an internationally traveling evangelist wanting to add more to my plate. JTS gave me the ability to study at my pace and schedule. They offered classes taught by qualified and anointed instructors that ministered to me as a seasoned minister. The classes were quality, filled with practical and spiritual information that enriched my life. The classes furthered my insight to God's Word, pastoral perspectives, and Christian Counseling. With approval, admiration, and appreciation, I endorse JTS for what they have done for me. I now have my Th.D through JTS and I am extremely pleased with what I received in instruction. If you are considering continuing your studies at home, STUDY with JTS!

In His Service
Dr. Henry J. Holland


Melissa Weber - Snellville, GA

I have been a distance learning student at Jacksonville Theological Seminary for a little over a year now. I am pursuing a Masters degree in Christian Psychology. Dr. Terry Lee Stair is my Facilitator and he has been marvelous with answering questions concerning school assignments and requirements and also with "Being There spiritually for my husband and I when life presented twists and turns this year. I have loved all the classes I have taken so far through JTS. The entire experience has been VERY positive. The Instructors are great and the course material is interesting and challenging had been looking for a school at which to study Theology/Religious studies related subjects before I found JTS. I checked out some Universities in the Atlanta area, but the class time/location either was not a good match for my schedule, or the majors offered were not quite what I desired. I had specific interests and being that I have a BA in Sociology and Philosophy, and a desire to meld that with Gods word, Christian Psychology is just what I was looking for. The study at home feature of this program is just what I need since I am also working full-time at Snellville United Methodist Church. I have learned so much through my studies and as an effect, I have grown spiritually. I would definitely recommend this program for anyone who is busy but also dedicated and serious about studying religious/theological subjects and earning a degree. God is definitely working through JTS!

Because of the Grace of God,
Melissa Weber Snellville, GA

Jacksonville Theological Seminary